Happy Holidays from Ključ Savjetovanje & ProTest Solutions

At the end of 2018, with Christmas and the new year drawing near, a short reflection on the combined successes of Ključ Savjetovanje and sister
ProTest Solutions is in order. Some of the major milestones reached this include:

  • Continuous improvements in our software testing services
  • Maintaining the highest quality standards for the products we have under test
  • Constant investments in the automation of tests
  • Getting our ISTQB certification to a higher level
  • Becoming an ISTQB Gold Partner with Ključ Savjetovanje
  • Becoming an ISTQB accredited training center with ProTest Solutions
  • Successfully give the first ever ProTest training

We would like to thank all colleagues, partners, families and friends for contributing to the realization of these fantastic goals. Now is the time for a little relaxation, some extra family time and after that we plan for a fantastic 2019 in which we plan to go through the roof!

Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful 2019!